Were you involved in a car accident or experience a fall or other trauma and are not sure which doctors can help you with your injuries and pain?


Are you experiencing common symptoms like neck or back pain?

From whiplash, headaches, or joint pain in your in your shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist, or ankle? Did you go to an ER and get discharged with more questions than answers about your pain from herniated/bulging disc of the spine, shoulder or knee injuries, continue to feel weak dizzy or confused after a concussion injury?

Do you need a team of pain specialists, rehab doctors, and surgeons, who will be happy to work with auto insurance, as well as work on a medical lien and with your attorney?

After your accident:

We are a group of physicians and surgeons who specialize in treating patients who have experienced traumatic injury from a work-related injury, been in an auto accident, fall or other type of accident. After physical trauma patients may experience headaches, neck and arm pain, back and leg pain, or restricted motion in joints of the body. Some patients experience intractable and constant pain, others have injuries with symptoms that come and go throughout the day but that make concentration at work or school, routine daily activities around the house and even sleep difficult.

If you sustained an accident related injury you will likely have to deal with attorneys, insurance companies, and of course medical professionals to help your life return to normal. You may have lost your car, or have difficulty performing the daily routines required for your family or work life. This can be painful and inconvenient and stressful too. We have years of experience working with personal injury patients and understand your healthcare needs in addition to being prepared to handle insurance paperwork for you, work with insurance companies and attorneys, coordinate medical care with other specialties, and schedule timely appointments with transportation.

If you are currently being treated by a Chiropractic Physician or Physical Therapist for your personal injury, our Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians, Orthopedic and Spine Surgeons will evaluate your condition and may recommend treatment in addition to the care you are currently receiving. Together, we are part of your recovery team. Coordinated care between our providers restores normal range of motion, strengthens injured tissues, controls pain, and speeds recovery toward normal activity levels. Treatment at our clinic includes a complete exam and treatment plan, support of chiropractic care or physical therapy, and in some cases, injection medicine to reduce inflammation and pain or surgery for injury or conditions that will not heal through more conservative means.