Nationally, falls continue as one of the leading causes of major injuries and hospitalization among older citizens

Over 500,000 slip and fall injuries occur in North America each year. Injuries from slip and fall accidents may vary from minor abrasions to severe fractures. The severity of a slip and fall should not be underestimated as serious injuries may initially appear less severe.

Injuries from hard falls must be given proper medical attention

Due to the potential for injury ranging from broken or chipped bones, to vertebral fracture or disc displacement, or even concussion. Spills, slips and tumbles may wrench muscles, sprain or strain tendons and even displace spinal discs. Slip and fall Injuries often result in serious orthopedic injuries, including knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, wrist injuries, and elbow injuries as well as chronic pain.

The team of physicians at University Orthopedic Care have many years of experience treating injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents. Immediate examination by our physicians can detect the degree of damage from slip and fall injuries. After evaluation a comprehensive treatment plan will be implemented to relieve pain and avoid long-term disabilities. We can answer all your questions and effectively expedite your path to recovery. We can also provide useful advice with insurance claims and legal action.